Recycling Division

Contact Information:
Customer Service: (352) 334-2330
Recycling: (352) 393-7964

Apartment/condo complexes greater than five units are considered commercial properties and recycling programs are required. If you live in an apartment/condo, check with the office manager to find out where the recycling station/area is located.  

Commercial recycling is mandatory in Gainesville per ordinance.

Residential curbside recycling: The City of Gainesville provides recycling bins for residents free of charge.

When in doubt, don't throw it out.  Check out the A-Z Recycling Source guide first to see if it can be recycled in some way.


Holiday/Party String Lights: All residents are encouraged to recycle your holiday/party string lights. You may drop them off at Public Works, 405 NW 39th Ave., at any time.  A string lights recycling container has been placed outside the lobby of the Administrative Building.

Government Surplus: It is the City of Gainesville's policy to dispose of surplus equipment by public auction for reuse. Surplus equipment is composed of vehicles, heavy equipment, yard equipment and office furnishings.  For more information on vehicles to be auctioned go to For other surplus equipment and furniture, go to