Right of Way Permits

Right of Way Permit Application and Instructions here

A Right of Way Permit just be obtained prior to performing any work on a city street, parking area, sidewalk, or trail. These requirements are based upon the Gainesville Code of Ordinances - Chapter 23 - Article III. Encroachments & Obstructions - adopted October 15, 2009. The entirety of the ordinance can be viewed by clicking here.

No excavations shall be made within any of the streets of the city for the purpose of laying gas, water or sewer pipes or other non-communications facility therein or for any other purpose, until the plans have been submitted to and permitted by the City.
No person, organization or firm, whether private or not-for-profit, shall construct, operate, maintain, repair, rebuild or replace a route that occupies public rights-of-way within the city without having registered to use the rights-of-way, unless that entity is a franchised cable company of the city. Registering a communications facility is initiated by filing a permit application with the City.
Driveway Permits
The construction and removal of driveways is regulated by the City of Gainesville Code of ordinances Chapter 23, Article V. The entirety of the ordinance can be viewed at


Generally: Any change that shall remove, alter or construct any curb, driveway, gutter, pavement, or perform any other improvement on any public street or designated street right-of-way requires a permit. All permit applications shall be accompanied by two copies of the plans that show the location and dimensions of the proposed change. Exception: Plans are not required for single-family residential zoned property.
Driveway and other changes must conform to the standards established by the Public Works Department. Public Works inspects all construction to ensure conformity to the ordinance requirements. Driveways shall be designed in accordance with Chapter 6 of the Engineering Design and Construction Manual.
Permit Application: A permit application is available by clicking here.  The application and plans, when required, are to be submitted to the Building Department in Thomas Center B at 306 NE 6th Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32601. Permit fees will be collected at that time.
On the application process, call the Building Department at 352-334-5050.

For plan or construction issues, call the Public Works Department at 352-334-5070.



Last updated 8/3/15