Natural Resources and Programs

Book a Curiosity Crate, a mind-nificent addition!

We know that Covid-19 has resulted in challenges for all of us, especially educators. We want to help! The City of Gainesville’s Nature Operation Division is offering Curiosity Crates to assist with planning and implementing education. These curriculum-based education programs can be rented for up to 2 weeks for $25. Learn More

Preserving Gainesville’s Natural Areas for Education, Recreation, and the Future...

The Nature Operations Division develops and conducts environmental education programs for the Alachua County school system, community education classes, nature preschool programs, and weekend and summer programs. Its staff is responsible for the development and operation of the city's greenways and greenspace design, including the Hogtown Creek Greenway, nature preserves development, and habitat management.

Gainesville Greenway Challenge

Take the challenge to protect Gainesville’s natural areas! The Gainesville Greenway Challenge is a year round effort whose aim is to restore natural habitat in Gainesville by removing invasive non-native plant species that threaten ecosystem health. More info...

Environmental Education Programs

Please contact us at 352-393-8242 or

Book a program: environmental science and cultural history curriculum enrichment programs.