Community Gardens

Community gardens are neighborhood green spaces set aside for local residents to grow vegetables for their own consumption, who otherwise might not be able to. The City of Gainesville began its first Community Gardens Project at Southeast Fourth Avenue in 1998. Since that time, the program has grown to five gardens around Gainesville through the joint efforts of the City of Gainesville's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department and the dedicated efforts of the residents of Gainesville.

The program's mission is to provide a place where Gainesville residents can participate in a healthy outdoor activity that can also improve public nutrition and the neighborhood environment.

The program is managed by staff, but the individual gardens are coordinated by dedicated volunteers. If you would like more information about the Community Garden program, please call 352-393-8186.

Dreamers' Garden - The Grove Street Neighborhood Community Garden
Corner of NW 4th Street & NW 10th Avenue
Dreamers Garden Dreamers Garden
Green Acres Park Community Garden

700 Block and SW 40th Street (within Green Acres Park)

McRorie Community Garden
Corner of SE 4th Avenue and SE 6th Terrace
McRORIE Community Garden
NE 31st Avenue Community Garden
1700 NE 31st Avenue (within NE 31st Avenue  Park)
NE 31st Avenue Park Community Garden NE 31st Avenue Park Community Garden
SW 40th Place and SW 30th Terrace Community Garden

2947 SW 40th Place Community Garden