City Attorney


The Office of the City Attorney protects the legal interests and assets of the City of Gainesville by providing legal advice and serves as counsel to the City Commission, as well as all the other charter offices and departments, including Gainesville Regional Utilities, boards and committees and the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency.  Lawyers and staff in this office are recognized for their knowledge and expertise in the area of city, county and local government law and skills in many other practice areas.

The office is staffed by 17 full-time employees, including nine (9) attorneys, six (6) legal assistants, one (1) legal staff assistant, and one (1) office manager.

Office Address

200 East University AV, Room 425
Gainesville, FL 32601
The Office is responsible for providing legal counsel to the City in the conduct of its day-to-day transactional business and both prosecution and defense of lawsuits to protect the interests of the city. The transactional division of the Office interprets and applies state and federal statutory law, case law, the City Charter and Code of Ordinances; researches legal authority, prepares and/or reviews city ordinances, resolutions, contracts and agreements, interlocal agreements, and legal budget preparation and implementation.  The City Attorney and staff attend all Commission meetings and board/committee meetings as required or requested.  The litigation division defends and settles all legal challenges filed on behalf of or against the City.  This includes challenges to the City ordinances, development approvals, employment actions, civil rights actions, torts, tax liability issues, foreclosure of City liens and mortgages, as well as prosecution of cases to enforce the City’s Code of Ordinances.


The City Attorney’s office does not provide legal advice to citizens, as it can only represent its client, City of Gainesville, including the City Commission, and the departments within the City government.  Citizens may contact The Florida Bar to access their Lawyer Referral Service via phone at 850-561-5600 or, as well as Three Rivers Legal Services at 352-372-0519 or

  1. Drafted approximately 90 ordinances and approximately 40 resolutions, including Butler Plaza Development, University Corners, Evaluation and Appraisal Report of the Comprehensive Plan, 5 annexations and ordinances to implement bargained-for reductions in pension benefits for both General Employees’ Pension Plan and Consolidated Police Officers and Firefighters Retirement Plan, as well as separate ordinances amending plans for tax qualification purposes. 
  2. Processed GPD forfeitures in the amount of $26,893.74; 3 automobiles and 1 motorcycle.
  3. Provided legal support to Charter Review Committee.
  4. Represented City in evaluating over 156 claims and lawsuits.
  5. Provided legal support to Community Redevelopment Agency, including key projects such as Innovation Square, Power District redevelopment, Depot Park and Cade Museum.

The City of Gainesville works cooperatively with the University of  Florida, College of Law Career Services in providing opportunities for students to develop job skills, clarify career direction or gain skills while completing degree requirements. Externship opportunities are non-paid positions.

The externship program enables students to work with practicing attorneys for academic credit and provides supervision for performing legal research, drafting, and legal tasks which applies academic studies to real projects and matters, in addition to gaining valuable insight into the operations of working in a local government law office.


City Attorney

Department Head:
Nicolle Shalley
Phone: 352-334-5011
Fax: 352-334-2229
P.O. Box 490
Station 46

Our Staff

Nicolle M. Shalley, City Attorney - Board Certified, City, County and Local Government Law
Lisa C. Bennett, Assistant City Attorney II
Lee C. Libby, Assistant City Attorney II
Stephanie M. Marchman, Sr. Assistant City Attorney - Board Certified, City, County and Local Government Law
Sean M. McDermott, Assistant City Attorney I
Shayla L. McNeill, Utilities Attorney
Daniel M. Nee, Litigation Attorney - Board Certified, City, County and Local Government Law
David C. Schwartz, Assistant City Attorney II - Board Certified, City, County and Local Government Law
Elizabeth A. Waratuke, Litigation Attorney - Board Certified, City, County and Local Government Law

Monique Hatt, Office Manager
Alice Murnahan, Sr. Legal Assistant
Rebecca Scalese, Legal Assistant - Advance Certified Paralegal
Crystal White, Legal Assistant - Certified Paralegal
SuAnn Williams, Legal Assistant - Accredited Legal Professional
Yolanda Hocker, Legal Staff Assistant
Debora Snyder, Legal Assistant