Student Community Relations Advisory Board

The Student Relations Advisory Board is made up of 7 voting members: Three (3) students attending a postsecondary educational institution, with City residency required; Three (3) non-student with City residency required, and One (1) administrator member.

The City Commission may appoint two (2) additional administrators from postsecondary educational institutions to be non-voting members of the board.

Appointment Period
Student Members shall be appointed for a term of one (1) year.
Administrator and non-student members shall be appointed for a term of two (2) years.
Members may be reappointment for consecutive terms, but no member shall serve more than four (4) successive years.

The goal of the Student Community Relations Advisory Board is to strive for a more cohesive non-student and student community; to act as a vehicle for students and non-students to voice their concerns and opinions; to review, discuss and forward recommendations as appropriate, on issues, concerns and initiatives relevant to students and non-students; to assess and address needs of non-students as they pertain to student issues; to be a knowledgeable liaison between the City Commission and the students and non-students of Gainesville; to encourage involvement by non-students and students in planning and implementation of improvements; and to ensure that student issues are addressed by providing a link between the students, non-students, and the City Commission.

The Student Community Relations Advisory Board will accomplish these goals by expanding our knowledge of the University of Florida, Santa Fe College, and City of Gainesville resources and services through speakers, on site visits and learning activities provided for Board members.  We will take this knowledge and review the need for changes and make necessary recommendations to the City of Gainesville Commission and city officers.  The Student Community Relations Advisory Board will also work to see where additional resources and services can be provided to help support students and community members and work with the University of Florida, Santa Fe College and City Office to provide necessary resources and services. 

Student Community Relations Advisory Board Agendas & Minutes

  December 7, 2018  Agenda  Minutes
  November 8, 2018  Tour of Chamber  Minutes
  October 12, 2018  Agenda  Minutes
  September 13, 2018  Agenda  Minutes
  Meetings are suspended thru the summer    
  April 24, 2018  Agenda  Minutes 
  March 20, 2018  Tour of Cade Museum  
  February 22, 2018  Tour of GRU   
  January 25, 2018  Agenda  Minutes
  October 12, 2017  Agenda  Minutes
  August 31, 2017  Agenda  Minutes
  Meetings Suspended  
  through the Summer
  April 13, 2017   Tour  
  March 16, 2017   Agenda  Minutes
  February 16, 2017   Agenda  Minutes
  January 12, 2017   Agenda  Minutes
  December, 2016    Cancelled  Cancelled
  November, 2016   Agenda  Cancelled
  October, 2016   Agenda  Minutes
  September, 2016   Agenda  Minutes
  August 25, 2016   Agenda  Minutes




  Useful information for Student Community Relations Advisory Board members:
  Advisory Board Participation Handbook   

  Division 15. - Student Community Relations Advisory Board - Sec. 2-430 - This ordinance provides information on  membership, officers, attendance requirements for non-student members, rules of procedure and functions, powers and duties of the Board.

  Division 1. - Generally - Sec 2.245 - 247 - This Ordinance provides general information on boards and committees reporting to city commission. It also contains attendance information for non-student members.