Special Event Permits & Fees

UF Game Day Parking Special Event - 

  • Permits must be obtained at least 30 days prior to the first event
  • Renters offering parking must provide a permission letter from the homeowner
  • The fee is $58.00
  • Applications are available online or can be picked up at the Code Enforcement Division, 306 NE 6th Ave., Gainesville, FL
  • Paid parking is allowed only on special events, as designated by the City of Gainesville (currently home Gator football games and commencement ceremonies)
  • Parking is allowed only on the day of the event starting at 8 AM and ending at Midnight, or 3 hours after the end of the event, whichever is last
  • One temporary, on-site sign advertising parking is allowed
  • All trash, signs and other items must be removed by 6 PM the day after the event
  • Parking is allowed only on private property and shall not extend into any public area
  • The permit must be displayed conspicuously throughout each event

Special Event Permits - 

  • Selling wares on Gator game days?   
  • Having a church parking lot sale? 
  • Selling fireworks for the 4th of July or for New Years? 
  • Having a St. Patrick's Day event? 
  • Having a car wash? 
  • Planning a tent sale? 
  • Not sure if a Special Event Permit is required?

Contact the Code Enforcement Division at (352) 334-5031 for information on Special Event Permits.

Conditional Special Events/Outdoor Sale of Alcohol During University of Florida Home Football Games (City Ordinance Sec. 30-67(g)(3) - contact Gainesville Police Department at 352-393-7527 

Useful Special Event Forms