Parking Regulations for College Park and University Heights

On April 17, 2014, the City of Gainesville adopted new parking regulations for College Park and University Heights. For the full version of the adopted ordinance please visit Section 30-7.7B of Gainesville's municipal code of ordinances.

In June, 2014, an information packet which included the parking plan application was mailed to all affected property owners. Parking plans are to be returned to the City of Gainesville Code Enforcement Division no later than August 1, 2014. Once the parking plan is approved, the plan is to be implemented within 90 days. The parking plan should clearly show:

  • The location and extent of the proposed parking area;
  • A general circulation plan showing how vehicles will safely access the parking are from a legal driveway connection; and
  • The location and type of borders and parking area coverage materials to be uses.

Drawings do not need to be professionally done but they must be completed in a manner that will allow the reviewer to clearly understand the aforementioned details. Different options are available for parking areas consisting of 1-4 spaces and those that have 5 or more spaces. Those who feel they have an existing parking area that meets the conditions provided will need to return a completed parking plan application demonstrating that the parking area includes the bulleted items above. For questions, please feel free to contact the Code Enforcement Division at 352-334-5030 or