Requesting a Public Record

The City of Gainesville promotes transparency in government, making many records available on its website. You may search for and download documents, including meeting agendas and minutes, ordinances and resolutions, meeting recordings, personnel records and others. Public Records may also be requested in the following ways:

  • Electronic request via the city’s public records web portal
  • In person (verbally or in writing)
  • Email
  • Telephone call
  • In writing via mail service (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.)

Public records may be inspected and examined by any person desiring to do so at any reasonable time, under reasonable conditions and under the supervision of the custodian of the record.  Requests to view public records do not have to be made in writing, but putting the records request in writing will assist staff in clarifying the exact scope of the request. Individuals requesting public records have the right to remain anonymous, but providing your name and/or contact information will allow staff to follow up with you later.

Submit a new public records request by visiting the link to the public portal below. You may also use the portal to track the status of your request.

Search the records archive to find previously requested records and response documents without submitting a new request. These documents may be viewed, downloaded or printed.

Submit a public records request or search for public records

Please contact the City Clerk’s office for assistance with public records requests:
Phone: 352-334-5015
Fax: 352-334-2036
Address: PO Box 490, Station 19, 32627-0490

To request public records maintained by the Gainesville Police Department, please contact GPD at 352-393-7565 or visit the GPD website. Contact the Gainesville Police Department records division for accident reports, arrest reports and other police related records.

Helpful Hints

The following tips may reduce response times and avoid costs for public records requests:

  • Avoid overly broad requests - be as specific as possible. Broad or vague requests may require reviewing many records or large amounts of data, resulting in more extensive costs and slower responses. Ex.: Instead of “all emails regarding the homeless,” ask for “all emails regarding feeding the homeless.”
  • Provide date ranges when requesting emails and correspondence. Example: Instead of “all emails regarding to the homeless,” ask for “emails regarding cold night shelter for the homeless from the past 3 months.”
  • If your request has several parts, break it into more than one request.
  • Do not include questions relating to the subject of the request, requests or legal opinions, or requests for service.
  • Before submitting a records request, please search the online web portal and the city’s website for available documents.