Domestic Partnership Registration


A domestic partnership is a legal or personal relationship between two individuals who live together and share a common domestic life but are neither joined by marriage nor a civil union. A Declaration of Registered Domestic Partnership shall be filed with the City Clerk.


  • The fee to register a domestic partnership is $14 for city residents and $28 for non-city residents. Prices effective Oct. 1, 2021.

Application Procedure

  • If you and your partner wish to register as domestic partners, you need to complete an application, which may be printed from our website or picked up from our office, 200 East University Avenue, First Floor.
  • In either case, you both must appear in person at our office with an acceptable form of identification and the fee to complete your application.
  • As part of the completion process, the domestic partnership registration must be signed by both partners and notarized. Notarization is available without charge in the Office of the City Clerk.


You and your partner may register to become a domestic partnership if you meet the following requirements:

  1. is at least 18 years old and competent to contract;
  2. is not married to, or a member of another registered domestic partnership or civil union, with anyone other than the co-applicant.
  3. agrees to share the common necessities of life and to be responsible for each other's welfare
  4. considers the mutual residence to be his or her primary residence.
  5. considers himself or herself to be a member of the immediate family of the other partner; and
  6. agrees to mutually support the other by contributing in some fashion, not necessarily equally, to maintain and support the registered domestic partnership.
  7. are not related by blood to one another in anyway which would prohibit legal marriage in the State of Florida

Certificate of Domestic Partnership

  • Once your application has been processed and the fee has been paid, you and your partner will receive a Certificate of Domestic Partnership.
  • Your certificate constitutes notice of a registered domestic partnership when you or your partner applies for rights and benefits available to domestic partners.
  • These rights include, but are not limited to:
    • Health care visitation
      • Name domestic partner, children, family members as visitors
    • Health care decisions
    • Funeral and burial decisions
    • Pre-need guardians
    • Correctional and juvenile facility visitations
    • Participation in education
      • Including home schooling
    • Notification where mandated or permissible
      • Emergencies, in-mates, etc.
    • Considered a family
      • For purposes of city ordinances, policies, practices, except as prohibited by state/federal law


  • Registered domestic partners may amend a registered domestic partnership previously filed to show a change in his or her household address or to add or delete dependents.
  • Amendments must be signed by both parties.
  • The filing fee is $14 for city residents and $28 for non-city residents. The fee is effective Oct. 1, 2021.

Termination of Domestic Partnership

  • You or your partner may terminate your domestic partnership by filing a termination statement in person at our office during regular business hours.
  • If the submitted termination statement is not signed by both parties, then proof that the non-signing party was notified in the form of registered or certified mail must also be submitted with the termination statement. 
  • The fee for domestic partnership termination is $14 for city residents and $28 for non-city residents.
  • You must show one of the valid forms of identification as described above.
  • In case of death, marriage, civil union or domestic registry with another partner your domestic partnership is automatically terminated.
  • The termination is effective on the date of filing.

Municipal Ordinances

Sec. 2-611. - Registration, amendment, termination and administration procedures.

Sec. 2-612. - Rights and legal effect of registered domestic partnership.

Listed fees are effective Oct. 1, 2021.