City Clerk

The Clerk of the Commission’s position is created by the City Charter, and is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the City Commission.

The role of the City Clerk is to attend and record the proceedings of all City Commission meetings, is responsible for the preparation of City Commission agendas and minutes and provides administrative support to the Mayor and the City Commission. They maintain and execute the city seal on all official documents, and maintain the city’s vital records, ordinances, resolutions and deeds.

The City Clerk preserves the city’s historical records, and is responsible for the collection, storage and archiving of all public records pertaining to the Clerk’s office and the City Commission. The City Clerk also has certain administrative duties related to citizen advisory boards and committees, weekly noticing of public meetings, publishing legal notices, recording official documents with appropriate agencies, lobbyist registrations, proclamations and candidate qualifying and election records in City Commission elections. Each of these duties is outlined by City Commission policy.

The City Clerk shall perform all other duties as may be assigned by the City Commission and required by City Charter or ordinance.


City Clerk

Department Head:
Omichele Gainey
Phone: 352-334-5015
Fax: 352-334-2036
P.O. Box 490
Station 19