Vision, Mission and Values


vision posterThe City of Gainesville will set the standard of excellence for a top ten mid-sized American city; recognized nationally as an innovative provider of high quality, cost-effective services.


We are committed to providing exceptional services that enhance the quality of life for the Gainesville community.


Integrity: We will be open, honest and honor our commitments.
Diversity: We will maintain a viable workforce that reflects our community.
Teamwork: We will work cooperatively to build and maintain productive working relationships.
Citizen and Customer Satisfaction: We will strive to meet our citizens’ and customers’ needs in a professional and courteous manner.
Quality: We will aspire to the highest level of excellence in our products and services.
Financial Accountability: We will provide responsible stewardship of the city’s assets and resources.
Sustainability: We will meet the economic, social, insitutional and environmental needs of current citizens without compromising the ability of future citizens to meet their own.
Communication: We will communicate effectively with our citizens, our customers and the community at large.