Commissioner Gail Johnson (At-large)

Commissioner Gail Johnson
Term 1: May 2018 - May 2021

Gail Johnson spent her formative years in Gainesville and graduated from Eastside High School and the University of Florida. After founding and publishing an arts and culture magazine about Brooklyn, Gail moved back to Gainesville to raise Zora Sunshine. Gail’s grandparents moved to Gainesville over 40 years ago. Her grandfather was the President of the NAACP, and instilled a lifelong passion for education and social justice in Gail, as well as a desire to build a better community.

Gail is a small business owner with a passion for food and the local food movement, which she expresses through her catering company, delicious.delivered. As a working mother and entrepreneur, Gail understands the many challenges that working families face. As a commissioner, Gail will do more to address economic inequalities and work to create a Gainesville where everyone can enjoy the wonderful life and amenities we have here.

Committees: Commissioner Johnson currently serves on the  Library Governing Board.

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