Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are

The Office of the City Auditor is an independent Charter Office reporting to the Audit Committee of the City Commission. The City Auditor is one of six Charter Officers who report to the City Commission.

Our office provides audit, advisory, and investigative services that are conducted in accordance with the Institute of Internal Auditors Professional Practices Framework (the “red book”) and Government Auditing Standards published by the United States Government Accountability Office (the “yellow book”). As applicable we also comply with ISACA IT Audit Framework, AICPA Generally Accepted Auditing Standards, ACFE Fraud Examiners Manual, and other professional guidance.

Our team consists of professional internal auditors with various academic degrees, professional expertise, and professional certifications. We are required by our professional standards to continually improve our proficiency, effectiveness, and quality of services while maintaining active status of any credentials we may hold.

What We Do

Our Internal Auditors consider how management strategies and objectives align with the City's mission and values. We identify opportunities to make significant improvements to the City's governance, risk management, and control processes.  We perform:

  • Audit Engagements - We provide operational, financial, information technology, compliance and other types of audit engagements that evaluate current and emerging key risks and design and effectiveness of controls to mitigate those risks.
  • Consultations - Internal Auditors provide advisory services that may include independent and objective evaluation of risks and models, evaluation of system pre-implementation risks, and evaluation of operational risk management processes.
  • Management Requests - Our office budgets for limited scope management special requests which may be audit or advisory services that are not included in the audit plan.
  • Audit Issue Follow Up - A key value-add service for the organization is the remediation and closure of audit issues. Internal Auditors obtain sufficient evidence to validate and management's action plan has been implemented and is sustainable.
  • Investigations - Our office manages the City's anonymous fraud hotline and conducts occupational fraud investigations.

Submit Your Audit Ideas Here

Submit your audit ideas here


Activities of the Office of the City Auditor are reported at least quarterly to the Audit Committee and to the City Commission.